Reunion 2017

Due to the overwhelming success of the last organised reunion, much to our surprise and gratification, we have agreed to organise a further reunion for next year.   The venue will be the same, the Goosnargh and Whittingham Sports and Social Club, formerly the Staff Club on the old hospital site.   The 2017 reunion will be held on Friday 2nd June 2017.   The availability of tickets and how to obtain them will be published in due course nearer the... read more

The end is here

Well, at long last, all the pleading and all the shouting have come to an end, and so has Whittingham Hospital.   The final buildings are in the last stages of being taken down, officialdom had razed Whittingham! Despite all our attempts at salvaging some part of the hospital, all entreaties were met with blank refusals.   Even the attempt to get the Mains, the mains corridor and the Ballroom as listed buildings failed on the grounds that they were “insufficiently exceptional in their construct” and therefore did not warrant any form of listing status. The one remaining building on site is St John’s Church, which, happily is a Grade II Listed Structure.   What will become of this building is anyone’s guess.   There have been a number of suggestions for future use but so far nothing has developed.   It should be borne in mind that the floor in the vestry has now given way and crashed through to the cellar which would give justifiable rise to the speculation that the remaining flooring would be unsafe. What has become of the tiled crest at the entrance to Cameron House?     Who can say, no-one has been allowed access and we have no way of knowing if it has remained undamaged.   What we do know is that all attempts to have this dug up and removed to a safe area, either the banking on the entrance at North Lodge or the gate entrance to the cemetery (preferable) have come to nothing. We are given to understand that building has commenced and some houses are going up at long last.   This information is given at... read more